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The OEFFA Seasonal Farm Job Program is now accepting applications for the upcoming season.

Please read the Program Overview below.


  • A unique educational program for apprentices to gain hands-on experience and skills necessary to begin a career in organic agriculture
  • An opportunity for Host Farmers to help train the next generation of farmers
  • A transfer of knowledge and skills that further promotes sustainable agriculture


1. Farm Job Seekers and Host Farmers complete on-line applications. Applications should be submitted as early as possible so interested parties have adequate time for review.

2. Farm Job Seekers and Host Farmer applications are posted online once approved. Applicants can view the applications by logging in under the Apprentice Candidate or Host Farm section of the Seasonal Farm Job program page.

Application is free to OEFFA member host farmers and to all internship applicants. Host farmers who are not OEFFA members must pay a $20 processing fee, which must be forwarded to the OEFFA office before the application is posted.

We encourage student applicants to consider a $10 OEFFA student membership, which includes conference discounts, a newsletter subscription, and networking opportunities, all of which provide excellent information and resources for those learning about sustainable agriculture.

3. Once their applications are posted, both farmer and apprentice applicants should periodically review the Farmer and Apprentice Application pages. Please make note of your username and password.

You cannot access the application pages from the general OEFFA website, so you will need to log in using your username and password. You can also update your application, using the same log in system. Either party can and should take the initiative to contact the other for mutual review, on-farm visitations, and to make arrangements.

Farmers and farm job applicants should list an e-mail address on their application and check it frequently so as to not miss important communications from potential farmers or farm job applicants, and from OEFFA Seasonal Farm Job program coordinators.

4. Once an arrangement is made with a host farm, applicants should contact the OEFFA office to confirm placement.

Terms of internship agreements are to be negotiated solely between the host farm and apprentice. OEFFA cannot be involved in negotiating terms of, mediating, or enforcing intern and host agreements. We highly recommend that participating parties read the Advice for Host Farmers and Advice for Job Seekers sections of this site before filling out their applications and again before an on-site interview.

5. To applicants: if you change your mind, take a position elsewhere, or otherwise become unavailable, please contact the OEFFA office and ask that your application be removed. Host farmers should also let us know when their positions are filled for the season so that their application can be removed from the site.

6. Applications of farmers and apprentices should be posted between January 1 and July 1, and the earlier the better. Most farm job opportunities start in spring or early summer and go for 8 weeks to several months. Placement opportunities may be limited after June, though applications received will be posted to the website. Farmer and Job Seeker Applicant Pages will normally be cleared in November or December of every year.

7. Neither OEFFA nor anyone involved in this placement service is responsible or liable for any injury that may occur during an internship. Proper safety training and safety precautions will prevent most accidents.; Applicants should both ensure that adequate insurance and safety precautions are a part of the farmer/apprentice agreement.

8. OEFFA does not review or endorse applications of host or internship candidates. It is the responsibility of the program participants to safeguard themselves by visiting program participants, clearly defining and clarifying expectations, and checking references. OEFFA is in no way responsible for any harm or injury which may be incurred as a result of participation in this program. OEFFA shall not be considered a party to any apprenticeship agreement, and terms of apprentice agreements shall be considered private contracts between host and job seekers only.

9. Applications may be submitted via mail for those who do not have access to the internet, but charges will be assessed to cover copying and postage fees. For more information, contact the OEFFA office .

10. Applications will be accepted from domestic candidates only. Host farmers and apprentices from international locations should contact WWOOF International for more information on trans border apprentice applications.

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