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To ensure compliance with NOP rules, OEFFA certification must review all input materials and products that are used by all of our certified operations. All inputs submitted on Organic System Plans (OSPs) are vetted during the application review.

If you wish to use a product that was not included on your OSP and OEFFA has not previously reviewed the product, you may submit it by emailing or by contacting the office. Please provide the name of the product, manufacturer, and contact information. If you are able to submit a product label or list of ingredients, please also include this with your request. The process can take up to two weeks or more depending on the complexity of the product and the responsiveness of the distributor and/or manufacturer.

At this time, we will only review products submitted by an OEFFA-certified operation.

OEFFA Certification staff reviews products only for compliance with the NOP rules. For recommendations of products to use for a specific purpose in your organic operation or to get help finding an approved product, please contact the OEFFA Education Staff.

Only products on the OEFFA, OMRI, and WSDA lists are approved. All other products must be reviewed prior to use in your certified operation.

Products we approve must be used in accordance with your approved OSP and according to the manufacturer’s directions.  Please also note that there are also additional restrictions on the use of some products. Products we deny are not currently allowed for any use. Our product review decisions should not be interpreted as endorsements or indictments of any specific product, group of products, or manufacturer. Our approval may not be used for marketing or sales purposes. Decisions are subject to change as the formulations of products, the NOP regulations, or interpretations thereof change. 

Materials Review Links:

Organic Materials Review Institute:

Provides materials review services to manufacturers of products for the organic market. OEEFA generally accepts decisions made by OMRI on the acceptability of products. A searchable database of OMRI-approved products is available here.

Washington State Department of

Agriculture Organic Program
Also provides materials review services to manufacturers. OEFFA also generally accepts determinations made by WSDA. Their lists are available for download here

NOP Regulations Online:




FDA Animal Drugs:


FDA Search:


USDA Vaccines & Biologics:


EPA List 4a:

www.epa.gov... (.pdf)

606 Organic:

Provides organic sources for agricultural ingredients in 205.606.

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