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2018 OFPN Virtual Convenings


Thursday, July 19, 2018
12:00 - 1:00 pm

Hello Ohio Food Policy Network members!
We are excited to share a tentative schedule for the 2018 OFPN Virtual Convenings! These convenings will provide continued connection and opportunities for co-learning for the network throughout the year. All network participants are welcome to join.

Our first virtual convening will be held on Thursday, January 18th from 12pm-1pm. During this virtual convening, Amalie Lipstreu from The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) will be discussing the upcoming farm bill. 2018 will be an important year for anyone interested in food and agriculture. The current farm bill expires in September and unless local food grant and loan programs are renewed they will disappear. If you are interested in learning a little more, please join us for a lunchtime conversation about the farm bill on Thursday, January 18th.

We will most likely be utilizing a convening platform that is used by Ohio State University, known as Zoom. I am working with OSU to finalize some details to ensure Zoom is the best fit for our virtual convenings. I will follow-up soon with some instructions for joining, registering, and participating in the virtual convenings. So stay tuned! in the meantime, please save the dates below on your calendars. This information will also be listed on the OFPN website soon.

Below is the tentative schedule for the 2018 virtual convenings. This schedule is subject to change based on speaker availability. Again, if you have an idea for a virtual convening topic or would like to lead a virtual convening, please let me know! We would love to see the convenings be led by OFPN members. I've also attached a PDF version of the virtual convening schedule in the event that the table below shifts in your email.

Date Speaker Topic
January 18th Amalie Lipstreu (OEFFA) Farm Bill
February 15th Anne Palmer and Karen Bassarab (Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future) Process of organizing a food council drawing on examples from food councils

March 15th Leslie Schaller (AceNET) Fundraising and capacity-building for food councils around the country, rural and urban contexts

June 21st Brian Roe & Meredith Kruger (OSU Food Waste Collaborative) Food Waste Policy

July 19th Brian Raison (OSU Assistant Professor & Extension Field Specialist, Community and Organizational Leadership) Building leadership in Food Policy Councils

Happy New Year!


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