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Compostponics and Vermicompost: New Perspectives Tour

Holt, MI 

Saturday, August 24, 2019
3-6 p.m.

This research and education site tour will focus on: methods of making compost specifically for organic growing in containers and raised beds, growing vegetables and herbs in containers and raised beds, and making vermicompost for fertility and microbiology.

Limited access to healthy soil and affordable growing media approved for organic use in containers and raised beds restricts gardening and farming in urban environments. Fortunately, readily available wood chips, leaves, hay, straw, coffee grounds, and food scraps can be composted to have the aeration, biology, and fertility that make them suitable as a growing medium for organic production. Demonstrations will show you how to make it and grow in it.

Vermicompost is valued for nutrients and biology useful for soil health and crop protection. MSU has been successfully producing 15-20 cubic yards of vermicompost in a high tunnel for the last five years; they'll demonstrate their simple method that does not require screening out the worms.

Registration: To register for this free workshop, go to www.moffa.net/ft-registration.html or leave a message at (248) 262-6826.

This event is presented by the Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance and part of the 2019 Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series. Events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted in the tour brochure. For more information about MOFFA's other events, go to www.moffa.net. For more information about all events in the series, go to www.oeffa.org.

Michigan State University Horticulture Teaching and Research Center

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