Cover Crop Workshop

Ottawa, OH

Putnam County OSU Extension, 1206 E. 2nd St., Ottawa, OH

Monday, February 11, 2013 7 - 9pm

Using cover crops such as oilseed radish, cereal rye, cowpea or Austrian winter pea can help growers improve soil health which leads to higher yields and lower input costs. Examples of how to do so will be discussed by Jim Hoorman, an OSU Extension educator and an assistant professor studying cover crops and water quality issues.

The workshops are designed to help growers learn how to create healthier soils by increasing the carbon content in the soil which leads to increased nutrient efficiency and increased yields.

ECO Farming, which stands for "ecological farming" and includes using eternal no-till, continuous living cover and other best management practices, uses a combination of cover crops and no-till worked into a corn/soybean/wheat rotation to more efficiently use the inputs farmers add to their soil.

Workshop topics include:
 ECO Farming: Ecological Farming Practices
 Soil Ecology and Nutrient Recycling
 Using Cover Crops to Adapt to Extreme Weather

Registration: $10. Deadline: February 6.

Handouts, fact sheets, websites, and a new Cover Crop Field Guide will be provided as part of this meeting.
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