Free Comprehensive Organic Lawn Care Training Session

Mayfield Village, OH

Mayfield Village Civic Center Reserve Hall, 6622 Wilson Mills Road, Mayfield Village, OH

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 9am – 12pm

A free, comprehensive three-hour training session on how to implement an organic turf program. Training will be introduced by Beyond Pesticides Ohio staff and led by natural turf expert Alec McLennan, President of Good Nature Organic Lawn Care.

Topics Include proper soil testing, organic fertilizing, natural weed and disease control, aerating, overseeding, proper mowing, watering, special needs for playing fields and how going organic can save money.

Geared toward institutional facilities and grounds managers, city public works managers, real-estate developers, landscapers, sustainability coordinators, green team members, schools, churches, businesses and any place that has turf where people, especially children, congregate. Interested citizens are also welcome.

Your organization can protect people's health and the environment and also save money by transitioning to organic turf practices. Cleveland Heights and Cuyahoga County have already banned lawn pesticides from all city and county-owned property. University Circle’s Wade Oval also recently went organic. In 2011, Connecticut and New York State banned lawn pesticides on all school grounds and playing fields. The reasons are clear: pesticide exposure is dangerous to people and the ecosystem. Many commonly used pesticides have been associated with elevated risks for acquiring asthma, childhood leukemia, learning disabilities and Parkinson’s disease.

Preregistration encouraged. Light refreshments provided. The program is free and open to the public.
Barry Zucker, Beyond Pesticides Ohio / 216-371-3263 /

Debbie Thomas / 440-461-2211 /