Farm Roots Connection CSA Meeting

Wooster, OH

Local Roots Market and Cafe
140 South Walnut St., Wooster, OH
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 7 p.m.

The Farm Roots Connection CSA is looking for growers of high quality produce and animal products that can commit to using organic/sustainable and natural farming practices for our new cooperative multi-farm CSA. We are trying to develop a distribution system to deliver our goods to the northeast Ohio urban area. Our goal is to start deliveries of produce and other goods by mid-June 2013. We will be working closely with the Wooster Local Roots Cooperative, dba Local Roots Market and Cafe.

This is a great opportunity to increase your sales.

The benefits for farmers are an up-front partial payment and guaranteed sales, focused crop production, good pricing strategy, convenience, low risk participation and a direct link to customers. The marketing, distribution and delivery will be managed by the group leaders and costs shared by the farmers participating by means of a 20 % commission of gross sales.

Please join us to discuss the creation of a new distribution, delivery and marketing cooperative for small-scale farmers. We hope to build a community of farmers with shared goals that can provide healthy, safe food and deliver to urban areas. If you cannot attend our meeting and are interested download the preliminary bid sheet for crops or other products you may be able to supply.

Our first grower meeting will be in Wooster on April 10.

About us: Farm Roots Connection is a multi-farm cooperative CSA that delivers fresh farm goods to the urban areas. We pack weekly shares of high quality, fresh produce, dairy, eggs and meats We also offer honey, maple syrup and breads from artisan bakers. Our farmers are committed to using sustainable and natural growing practices for produce . Meats, eggs and dairy come from animals treated humanely and have unlimited access to the outdoors and pasture. The distribution and delivery system of our products is owned and managed by our farmers in a cooperative way.
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