Chesterhill Produce Auction Buyer/Seller Orientation

Chesterhill, OH

Chesterhill Produce Auction, 8380 Wagoner Rd., Chesterhill, OH

Monday, April 22, 2013 10am - 4pm

Rural Action and the Chesterhill Produce Auction (CPA) will be hosting a day of learning for anyone interested in buying or selling at the Chesterhill Produce Auction.

This training is open to new and experienced buyers and sellers at the CPA, and for anyone who wants to learn about opportunities in local food sales through produce auctions. Speakers will include Jeff Michaels of the Morgan Co. Health Department, Leslie Schaller of the Appalachian Centers for Economic Networks (ACEnet), Michael Hari of Equicert, as well as longtime CPA staff and volunteers.  A local lunch will be available for a donation.

During the training participants will learn about:
- Cottage Industry and Food Service Regulations.
- Market Ready strategies for selling local produce, including an introduction to the “Market Ready” curriculum.
- Produce Auction Etiquette; strategies for buying and selling.
- The proposed Food Safety Modernization Act; what it is and how it could impact local agriculture.
- Third party food safety certification.

Please join us to learn about the Chesterhill Produce Auction, how we are meeting food safety requirements and the opportunities to buy and sell fresh, local produce. Come for all or part of the day!
Tom Redfern / 740-767- 4938 /