Strawberry Plasticulture Workshop

Piketon, OH

Ohio State University South Centers, 1864 Shyville Rd., Piketon, OH

Thursday, May 16, 2013 6 - 9pm

Strawberry growers can learn about new production methods and techniques that can help them extend their growing season and boost on-farm profits.

The workshop will feature Brad Bergefurd, a horticulturist with Ohio State University Extension and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC). Bergefurd will discuss the plasticulture production method, in which strawberries are planted in September and grow over the winter using plastic to keep the soil warm and suppress weed growth, which results in larger, sweeter berries during an earlier growing period.

The OSU Extension plasticulture trial includes about a half-acre of strawberry plants at the OSU South Centers and about 100 acres total on at least 25 farms statewide this season.

In addition to touring the plasticulture trials, participants will also learn about:
--Variety evaluations, including day-neutral (summer-bearing) strawberries

--The use of white and black plastic mulch to modify soil temperature

--Winter row cover management study results for freeze and frost protection.

--Drip irrigation

--Fertigation management, with row covers, bed shaping, plastic laying and transplanting equipment on display

Registration is $5. Registration includes the program, handouts and refreshments. The deadline to register is May 14.
Charissa McGlothin / 740-289-2071