Asian Fermented Veggie Medicinal Krauts Workshop

Columbus, OH

City Folks Farm Shop, 4760 N. High St., Columbus, OH

Thursday, July 10, 2014 6:30 - 8:30pm

Join Andy Reed of Krazy Kraut to learn how to put up all those extra veggies from your garden or farm market in the ancient pre-refrigeration technology of brine lacto-fermentation. We will learn the easy simple basics of making traditional brine fermented veggies combined with delicious balanced combinations of Ayurvedic medicinal healing culinary spices. He will discuss the values of fermented foods in our diets and learn to make a kraut with ingredients shown to be full of amazing health benefits from cancer fighting anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory detoxifying herbs, immunity enhancing probiotic microbes, and intestinal-healing foods full of bioavailable vitamins and minerals.

Included in the class fee is either a quart of one or a pint of each ($18/$20 value) of the mild and spicey krauts that will be taught, with easy instructions to ferment in your home.

Please bring your own wide mouth jar(s) and a knife/cutting board, or there will be jars and airlock fermentation lids for purchase.

Andy Reed is senior owner at Krazy Kraut, a local organic worker-owned fermented foods business. Andy is also a folk healer and acupuncturist specializing in oncology and healing with the art of Asian food energetics.

Class fee: $45
/ 614-946-5553