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Delicious wholesome food produced locally by people who are acting on their concern for the Earth's resources and for the ability of our increasingly fragile planet to support future generations: That's what this Guide is all about. The Good Earth Guide, available here as a searchable on-line database, is designed to help consumers find farms in and around Ohio that sell directly to the public through local farmers' markets, CSA's, and on-farm sales. Several processors who specialize in organic products have also been included. The database can be searched by product, county, farm owner or farm name.

The farms listed in this Guide are family owned farms that are either:

Certified Organic by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) and/or the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA)

Owned and operated by OEFFA members who have chosen not to have their farms certified by a third party.

OEFFA urges you to get to know the people who produce the food you and your family enjoy, and to learn about how it is produced. Many of the farmers and gardeners listed here welcome visitors by appointment, and virtually all of them will share their considerable knowledge of land stewardship with any who take time to ask.

Please show your support of their efforts with your food dollars.

Hard copies of the Good Earth Guide are free to OEFFA members in good standing and are available to non-members for $5 each.


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