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OEFFA Investing in Agriculture

The Farmers' Source for Financing


OEFFA is invested in agriculture!

Helping mobilize additional sources of capital is, for OEFFA and for everyone who supports a healthier food system, an opportunity to build the supply and availability of local, sustainably grown fresh food in Ohio, enhance farm and farm-related business viability, and encourage expansion of ecological agricultural practices.

We operate two programs that help farmers and others working in sustainable food enterprises access the capital they need to grow their business:

The OEFFA Investment Fund is a project of OEFFA and the Sustainable Agriculture Fund, LLC. The purpose of the Fund is to promote sustainable agriculture in Ohio by making flexible and affordable capital available to farmers and farm-related businesses.

OEFFA has also partnered with Kiva Zip and is able to serve as a Trustee to endorse 0% interest loan requests from individual borrowers to Kiva's community of lenders. The purpose of this program is to help entrepreneurs access the financial services, and lower fees and interest rates they need to make borrowing affordable, and cultivate community between borrowers and lenders.


Applicants to either program must:

  • Be OEFFA members in good standing
  • Hold current organic certification for their operation or be able to demonstrate engagement in or support for sustainable agriculture practices throughout the lifetime of the investment
  • Be located in Ohio

There are additional eligibility criteria for borrowers through Kiva Zip

Read more information about the OEFFA Investment Fund.

Read more information about requesting OEFFA’s endorsement of a loan request on Kiva Zip


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