Ohio ranks high for number of organic farms

Akron Beacon Journal, 10/18/17

COLUMBUS: Ohio ranks seventh in the nation when it comes to the number of organic farms, according to a new survey.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2016 Certified Organic Survey shows Ohio’s organic sales increased by more than 30 percent since 2015 and the number of certified organic farms in Ohio is up by 24 percent. The Buckeye State also moved from eighth to seventh in the country for the number of organic farms.

“The 2016 survey illustrates the strength of organic production and sales in the state of Ohio,” Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association policy coordinator Amalie Lipstreu said in a prepared statement. “Organic production continues to be a bright spot in U.S. agriculture.”

Overall, the U.S. saw $7.6 billion in organic sales, as well as an 11 percent increase in the number of organic farms. More than 5 million acres of certified organic acreage are in production in the U.S., up 15 percent since 2015.

With the growth, the government needs to invest more in organic farming, the association said. The USDA’s Agriculture and Food Research Institute spends an average of two-tenths of 1 percent of overall funding each year on organic farming, and Ohio has no extension educator positions dedicated to serving organic farmers, according to the association.

“Organic production has not been able to keep up with demand, so this is a good time to review our agricultural funding as well as state and federal agency services to make sure investments are made in this growth industry so more Ohio farmers are equipped with the information, resources and support they need to take advantage of this economic opportunity,” Lipstreu said.