Ohioans Encouraged to “Go Down on the Farm” this Summer

Ohio News Service
Mary Kuhlman
May 19, 2011

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohioans mapping out their summer plans are being encouraged to check out what’s going on “down on the farm.”

The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association’s Farm Tour Series kicks off in June, offering Ohioans the chance to see, taste, feel and learn what sustainable food production is all about.

Michelle Gregg-Skinner, the association’s organic education program coordinator, says the more consumers know about how their food is grown, the better prepared they are to make informed choices about who to support with their food dollars.

“Consumers can get a better grasp of the procedures that are involved in getting food and agricultural product from the ground or from the livestock to their plate or place of business.”

Consumers will see not only the production side but also how the product is processed and prepared for market, Gregg-Skinner says.

The series has been offered for 29 years and this year features 40 tours, including organic dairy farms, grain production, fiber and fabric production and diversified livestock farmers.

The tours are a great opportunity for Ohio families to get out and do something new this summer, Gregg-Skinner says, adding that what’s even better is that they’re free.

“With the dollar being a little tight in most people’s wallet’s this year, the farm tour series is a nice and really economically friendly way to promote agriculture in Ohio, especially at sustainably managed agricultural operations.”

A complete list of tours is available at oeffa.org/farmtour.

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