Interview with Joel Salatin

salatin1The Erie Wire
February 15, 2010

The Erie Wire interviews innovative farmer, Joel Salatin, who was the silver-lining featured in the sobering documentary Food, Inc., released in 2008.  Joel’s production practices and clever marketing methods have attracted a large consumer following – his farm serves more than 1,500 families and 10 retail outlets – and even Chipotle, a billion dollar fast food chain dedicated to serving sustainably raised food. Joel was sponsored by Chipotle to be a keynote speaker at the 2010 OEFFA conference that took place in Granville, Ohio. In his speech titled “Everything I Want to do is Illegal” he discussed the local food movement challenge – from zoning to food safety to insurance, and regulatory hurdles designed and implemented to benefit industrial food models – and called for guerrilla marketing campaigns and other solutions to grow access to nutritionally-superior, sustainably raised food.

Listen to the three-part interview here: