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Harmon Creek Farms


Justin Miller
13222 Congress Lake Ave NE
Hartville, Ohio 44632


Listing updated 06 26, 2018

grass-fed and finished beef, pastured poultry, pastured pork, pastured eggs, raw honey

Harmon Creek Farms is a family farm that raises and sells 100% grass-fed and finished beef and pastured poultry and pork, along with free-range pastured eggs and raw honey. We provide fresh green pastures for all livestock on our farm in Harrison County Ohio. We employ sustainable farming methods including rotational grazing, which allow our animals to live in a stress-free environment and continually feast on fresh grasses, while naturally fertilizing the land. Our farm uses no hormones, antibiotics, or GMO feed. From our website you can place orders for grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured poultry, pastured eggs, and raw honey for local pickup at one of our regional Local Delivery locations, for pickup at our Farm Store in Hartville, as well as place deposits (half/whole/quarter) for beef and (whole/half) pork. We expect to sell out, so get your deposits in fast! We have a wide selection of beef, pork, and chicken that can be purchased anytime at our farm store located in Hartville, as well as egg, raw honey, any a variety of other items. We usually have wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon & Pacific Cod as well that we have flown in overnight from Alaska. We accept cash, check or credit.

Justin Miller (330) 418-5847

Web site:

Available for Purchase


3430 S. Arlington Rd. Suite D
Akron, Ohio  44312

Raw Honey is always stocked at this location. For other items please order through and select this location for pickup.

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