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Redde Hedde Farms


Rob Rehm
3531 Veley Rd.
Delaware, Ohio 43015


Listing updated 02 02, 2016

tomatoes (Amish Paste, Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, Matts Wild Cherry, Pineapple), ground cherries, summer squash (Kossa, Costa Romenesco, Ronde Nice, Taunte, Gelber), winter squash (Red Kurri, Long Island Cheese), cucumber (Lemon, Armenian, Soya Long, Cucca Melon, West India Burr Gherkin), melons (TJ Melon), peppers (Tree Habenero, Ohio Hatch, Cascabel, Hungarian Hot, Johnny Nardello, Chocolate Pepper, Shashito, Round of Hungary), basil (Lemon, Cinnamon, Holy), lettuce (Thom Thumb, Freckles, Salad Bowl Green), arugula, radishes (Breakfast, Watermelon, Rat Tail, Nero Tondo), edible flowers (Buzz Buttons, Borage, Nasturtium, Marigold), and more

We grow the stuff most others donít have. A lot of it most people have never heard of. We tend to find veggies that have been around for a long time but for whatever reason have lost favor but not their flavor. If it doesnít taste good, we donít see a reason for growing it. There are a few hybrids in the mix but all are open pollinated or hand pollinated; no GMO products anywhere. Our practices are more to the sustainable side of life. We donít use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Research shows healthy plants are less vulnerable to attacks by disease and insects so we do what we can to give them what they need. We use spent brewing grains, old horse poop, and compost to fortify the plants. They like it and none of us need to worry about what we are eating. Our primary market is to restaurants but we do sell off the farm. Just call, text, or email before you come out to be sure we are there. And unless you ask, we donít pick until you get here. It doesnít get any fresher than that.

Rob Rehm (614) 206-5403

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