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Quarry Hill Orchards


Brooke Gammie
8403 Mason Road
Berlin Heights, Ohio 44814


Listing posted 05 05, 2020

Our passion is growing fruit. And while harvest only happens in the summer and fall, this is most certainly year-round endeavor. Apples are our primary crop, but that’s not all we grow on our 400-acre farm. Anything that grows on a tree is fair game for us, including peaches, cherries, plums, pears, apricots, nectarines, and grapes; the latter which supply our winemaker next door at Quarry Hill Winery. We grow 38 different varieties of apples in 90 acres of apple orchard… nurturing, caring for, and harvesting each different variety certainly keeps us busy. Please check our Harvest Calendar for specific ripening dates of each apple variety, and the other fruit we’ve got coming off the trees. To accompany our fruit in your shopping basket, we’ve got a nice selection of fresh cider, local produce, and artisan goods as part of our other offerings. We’re looking forward to your visit!

We’re a family-owned fruit farm near the shores of Lake Erie in northeastern Ohio. Since we planted our first trees in 1929, the Gammie family has believed, above all, that the best fruit is fresh, local, grown with love, and shared with friends. For three generations, we’ve been proud to contribute to the rich agricultural history of Ohio’s Firelands. Our 130 acres stretch from the hills of Berlin Heights to the edge of Edison Woods, a part of the Erie Metroparks. The heart of Quarry Hill is our bustling market barn, where you can try our delicious fruit; purchase local produce; sip warm cider; meet our family, neighbors, and friendly dogs; and sample farm-made goods from our community. Come see for yourself and be a part of the tradition — take a wagon ride through the orchards; walk the rows, picking your own fruit; and visit the Winery for a glass of wine from vineyards right at Quarry Hill.

Brooke Gammie 419-588-2858

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