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Coblentz Family Farms


Brandon Coblentz
12451 Pleasant Valley Rd
Utica, OH 43080


Listing updated 03 28, 2021

Grass fed/finished beef. Pasture-raised broilers. Chickens processed on farm and packaged whole. Honey. Pullets: young laying hens for those who want to start their own chicken flock or raise and sell eggs.

Hello, my name is Brandon Coblentz. I grew up around animals and now am starting my own farm. My wife Rebecca and our 5 children enjoy farming and gardening. Taking over a property that had been empty for a few years has given much room for improvement. Rotational grazing with daily moves has been a good start in regeneration of the soil but the pastured broilers have made the biggest impact so far. Chemical and hormone free, we are essentially organic but not certified. Currently I offer grass-fed (no grain at all) beef (angus and angus cross) in halves and quarters in the fall butchered at Youngs Locker in Danville and pasture raised broilers butchered in June and October. I raise pullets to sell in the spring, starting in March until they sell out, a great way to get started with your own chickens. I also enjoy beekeeping and sell honey and bee nucs when I have extra. Farm sales by appointment only. Come meet me and see how your food is raised before you decide what to buy.

Brandon Coblentz (740) 258-3348

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