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Hickory Hollow


Janine Welsby
42211 Glasgow Rd.
Wellsville, OH 43968


Listing updated 03 13, 2017

vegetables, herbs

We have approximately 1 acre of raised beds which we use to grow vegetables and herbs. Although we chose not to be certified organic, we continue to grow as nature intended, with no synthetic chemical inputs and with respect for Mother Earth. Some of the remainder of our 16 acres is used for hay. The rest is a mixed habitat of wetlands, hardwood forest, and rolling fields in which wildlife thrives. We enjoy the variety of wild birds, especially the migrant warblers & the raptors who feed & nest on our farm. After installing a deer fence around our beds in 2009, we no longer have to share our produce with the deer. Since 1993, we have been selling our products through a buyer's club similar to a CSA. Members pay a small annual fee to join, then place a weekly order for their produce, which they pay for on delivery or pick up. We do not grow large quantities of any particular vegetable but instead grow lots of different ones to try to provide variety for each weekly order. Visitors are welcome by appointment.

Janine Welsby (330) 532-9625

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