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Kiva’s online fundraising platform allows small business owners, including farmers, to access up to $10,000 in zero percent interest loans. No collateral, credit check, or equity are required.





To receive a Kiva loan, the borrower:

  • Cannot currently be in foreclosure or bankruptcy
  • Must be able to invite members of their community to contribute to their loan
  • Be over 18
  • Have a Pay Pal account


To receive an OEFFA endorsement for a Kiva loan, applicants must:


  • Be an OEFFA member in good standing
  • Hold current organic certification for their operation or be able to demonstrate engagement in or support for sustainable agriculture practices throughout the lifetime of the investment
  • Complete OEFFA's Trustee Endorsement Request.



Permitted Use of Funds


Kiva borrowers may use their loans for a wide range of different reasons. Some examples of how successfully funded Kiva loans were used include: purchasing an ice machine and scalder to improve the efficiency of meat processing for pasture raised poultry; buying supplies and equipment to start an organic farm; obtaining a greenhouse, commercial range, triple-bin stainless steel sink, and commercial lettuce spinner to increase efficiency and profitability on an established farm; purchasing feeders, lights, feed, refrigeration, and baby chicks for a small chicken CSA farm; purchasing and putting up a high tunnel; enclosing and weatherizing an existing pole barn for use in mushroom production.





  • All loans are made at zero percent interest
  • Maximum loan size is $15,000
  • Terms of repayment are 12-36 months depending on loan size
  • Initial repayment starts 30 days after the loan is dispersed
  • Farmers and agriculture businesses can delay their initial payment for up to six months



Where to Start


Start a Kiva application here.





After you start your application, a Kiva representative will reach out to guide you. When you complete and submit your Kiva loan and OEFFA Kiva Trustee Endorsement Request, they will be reviewed by our teams. If approved, you will have 15 days to invite the required number of lenders to fund your loan. Once you reach the required number of lenders, your loan will be posted to the public Kiva website giving you 30 additional days to raise the remaining amount from Kiva's community of 1.6 million lenders.



For More Information


Browse the Kiva website.

For questions about Kiva:

Call: (614) 421-2022 Ext. 202

Email: kivatrusteeoeffaorg


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OEFFA Certification: (614) 262-2022
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