2019 Annual Report: Making a Difference for Farmers, Our Communities, and the Environment

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OEFFA’s mission is to cultivate a future in which sustainable and organic farmers thrive, local food nourishes our communities, and agricultural practices protect and enhance our environment.

Last year we continued to walk the path to achieve our mission by:

  • Supporting farmers transitioning their land to organic production with education and one-on-one technical assistance and mentoring, helping to convert 8,000 acres that will safeguard the natural resources on which we all depend
  • Recommitting ourselves to ensuring equity across the food system by becoming the certifier for the most rigorous domestic fair trade label, Food Justice Certified
  • Partnering with state lawmakers to craft the Family Farm ReGeneration Act, bi-partisan legislation which will help landowners transition their land to beginning farmers

Read OEFFA’s 2019 annual report to learn more about these and other ways we are making a difference for farmers, our communities, and the environment.

Together, we make OEFFA greater than the sum of its parts, and as 2020 and beyond bring us some of our greatest challenges, we need your support now more than ever.

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