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When times got tough this year, our country turned to family farmers. And those farmers turned to OEFFA.

Like them, OEFFA has answered the call to deliver our essential work and serve our community while we take on new and daunting challenges.

For more than four decades, OEFFA has fought for and supported farmers, cultivating a future in which sustainable and organic farmers thrive, local food nourishes our communities, and agricultural practices protect and enhance our environment.

Now, more than ever, we are all depending on family farmers for our food security. OEFFA needs your help so we can continue to have their backs.

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If one good thing can be said of 2020, it is that many of us realized how truly essential farmers, farm workers, farmers’ markets, and local food systems are.

From farm fields to packing sheds to restaurant kitchens, from milking parlors to creameries to delivery trucks, the people who grow, pick, process, and sell our food have always been essential.

Unfortunately, for far too long, while doing the important work of keeping the nation fed, diversified and organic farmers have been critically under-supported as they deal with issues like labor, health care, and access to land and capital. This year, our farmers have also had to worry about getting sick, keeping employees, and losing markets.

OEFFA responded rapidly to the pandemic. We helped win federal aid for small farms like the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2. We partnered with state groups to call for support for farmers and farmers’ markets to adopt new online purchasing systems. And we advocated for solutions to Ohio’s meat processing facility shortage, which is preventing livestock operations from growing their businesses to satisfy customer demand.

At the same time, we know that not all of the answers come from state and federal governments. We’ve offered resources to farmers and markets to help navigate the challenges of COVID-19 and provided much-needed community for farmers in distress. Additionally, to continue providing networking, inspiration, and education, we have transitioned core programs, like our annual conference and workshops, online.

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