Seasonal Farm Jobs Program

Seasonal Farm Jobs is a listing service to connect farm job seekers with host farms that use sustainable growing practices. Host farms and job seekers can each make a profile on the website, and securely contact one another.

OEFFA’s Internship Program takes aspiring farmers’ education to the next level. An internship provides the hands-on experience and skills necessary to begin a career in organic agriculture with an emphasis on education. Intern Seekers and Certified Intern Host Farms connect through the Seasonal Job Listings service. To select an internship, create a Farm Job Seeker profile, and look for farms that are identified with the Certified Intern Host Farm badge next to their profile.

Interns who are placed on Certified Intern Host Farms gain hands-on production skills necessary to advance their farming endeavors. Interns will:

  • Develop learning goals with their host farmer at the beginning of the placement.
  • Receive free access to OEFFA’s Farm Vision Course to help navigate their next steps for farming.

OEFFA will prioritize Certified Intern Host Farms in the Seasonal Farm Jobs listings to help farmers attract more committed workers. Host farms participating in OEFFA’s Seasonal Farm Jobs program who wish to be designated as Certified Intern Host Farm can learn more and become certified on the Certified Intern Host Farm Program page.

Potential interns begin their search in the fall for opportunities the following season; Host Farms are encouraged to act early.


  1. Complete an Application: Farm Job Seekers and Host Farmers complete online applications which are reviewed by OEFFA staff. Applications should be submitted as early as possible in the year (January-February) for the best placement prospects.

    Farms that want to host interns should get certified after submitting an application. Farms that want to host interns should get certified after submitting an application.
  2. Search for a Match: Farm Job Seekers and Host Farmer profiles are posted online and visible to other job seekers and hosts. Applicants can view listings to find a match that meets their needs, or update their profile at any time.

    For those seeking internships, look for the Certified Intern Host Farm Badge next to the host’s listing.
  3. Find Out if it’s a Good Fit: Host Farmers and Farm Job Seekers contact each other to set up a farm visit or interview. Review the Seasonal Farm Job Questionnaire to prepare for an interview.
  4. Put it in Writing: Host Farmers and Farm Job Seekers negotiate terms and write an employment agreement before beginning work.
  5. Contact OEFFA: Contact the OEFFA office when you make a match, are no longer seeking a position or an employee, or for any other reason that your listing should be removed from this site.

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Terms of employment and internship agreements are to be negotiated solely between the Host Farm and Farm Job Seeker. OEFFA cannot be involved in negotiating terms of, mediating, or enforcing intern and host agreements.

Neither OEFFA nor anyone involved in this placement service is responsible or liable for any injury that may occur during a farm job. Proper safety training and safety precautions should be taken. Applicants should both ensure that adequate insurance and safety precautions are a part of the Host Farm/Farm Job Seeker agreement.

OEFFA does not endorse applications. It is the responsibility of the participants to safeguard themselves by visiting each other, clearly defining and clarifying expectations, and checking references. OEFFA is in no way responsible for any harm or injury which may be incurred as a result of participation. OEFFA shall not be considered a party to any agreement, and terms of employment agreements shall be considered private contracts between Host Farms and Farm Job Seekers only.

Listings will be accepted from domestic candidates only. Host Farms and Farm Job Seekers outside of the United States should contact WWOOF International for more information on trans-border internship opportunities.

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