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Suståne Natural Fertilizer Inc


Brian Gardener
310 Holiday Avenue E
Cannon Falls, Ohio 55009
non ohio

Certified Organic by: OMRI, WDA, and OEFFA

Listing updated 10 26, 2018

Dry granular and powdered fertilizers for organic production, including Sustane 3-7-4, Sustane 8-2-4, and HiN 12-0-1 WDF. USDA Biobased Certified and OMRI listed, Suståne Natural Fertilizers deliver balanced fertility, organic biostimulants, and beneficial microorganisms. Suståne’s Ag Services rep, based in Ohio, assists with soil testing, nutrient management program development, and custom blending to help your operation grow successfully. For more information on our products, technical specifications and research, check us out at

Suståne Natural Fertilizers, Inc. manufactures a full line of top quality, natural and organic fertilizers formulated with aerobically composted turkey litter. Custom blend available. Backed by over 30 years of research, our products have been proven to be safe and effective on diverse crops. Our fertilizers are USDA Biobased Certified and listed as Allowable for use in Certified Organic Farming. Suståne granules deliver balanced fertility that efficiently feed plants and improve soil health. Our products are used by diverse farmers, growers, and landscape managers worldwide.

Brian Gardener 614 815 8746

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9599 S. Apple Creek Rd
Fredericksburg, Ohio  44627
(330) 695-5900


9599 S. Apple Creek Rd
Fredericksburg, Ohio  44627
(330) 695-5900


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