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Dale Filbrun Farms/Morning Sun Organic Farm


Dale Filbrun
3993 State Rte. 503 S
West Alexandria, OH 45381

Certified Organic by: OEFFA

Listing updated 04 28, 2016

certified organic eggs, chicken, turkey, and feed; sustainably raised beef, pork, lamb, hay, straw, wheat berries, spelt berries, freshly ground spelt flour, freshly ground wheat flour, rolled spelt and cereals; Fertrell products (organic fertilizer and organic livestock minerals); organic Gem fish fertilizer for farms, gardens and lawns

Our farm has been in the family since 1967 and farmed biologically from 1982 until 1992 when we started farming organically. We have been certified organic since 1995. Some of the goals on our farm are: healthy soil, plants, animals, and in turn healthy people. The farm is grass-based (we like happy, healthy animals). We offer two cereals made with spelt raised on our farm. We offer farm tours and sell at the farm Mon.-Sat. Please call first for our hours. We also sell at the Yellow Springs, Oxford, West Chester, Centerville, and New Albany farmers' markets. The best quality as well as friendly service is what we strive to offer. Thank you and we appreciate your business.

Dale Filbrun (937) 787-4885 / (937) 787-3890 fax

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