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Aggie's Rest


Sheryl Grant and Kevin Billman
19107 Avon Belden Rd.
Grafton, OH 44044


Listing updated 01 13, 2020

Upcoming events on facebook page. We will have hay although we aren't certifying at this time because of lack of market in our area. Heirloom apples, mulberries, raspberries, red clover, burdock, oregano, feverfew, thyme, spearmint, St. John's Wort, hyssop, yarrow, native edible and medicinal plants, black walnuts are some of the things we have growing. We are available for herb talks, sustainable living group/ individual tours, walks, talks. We also teach basic skills teaching: sewing, cooking, household repairs and woodworking and other necessary crafts/skills for self reliance.

We happily found many apple trees from an old orchard that began to produce rather heavily. The orchard was established before the farm was purchased by Kevin's grandparents in 1942. We have been/continue to transition the farm to forest gardening. In our last year of the organic transitioning process we discovered that some fruit and nut trees,and other perennials were growing naturally in the existing forest. We will be propagating and growing them to get the petroleum inputs off our farm. In the long run, it will also minimize labor--or the need to leave the farm for money. We look at working in healthier ways so that we can farm as long as possible! Come on by to visit and see what we're up to!

Sheryl Grant and Kevin Billman (440) 926-3114

Web site: facebook: Aggie's Rest

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