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A's and O's Farm


Tom Rapini
5947 Hopkins Rd.
Mentor, OH 44060


Listing updated 06 08, 2019

asparagus, rhubarb, sweet potatoes, blueberry bushes, pawpaw trees, persimmon trees, evergreens, assorted landscape plants.

Tom Rapini and Valerie Garrett operate this small urban farm, striving to become self-sufficient by growing our own food using strict organic practices, eating a vegetarian diet, and generating energy with solar power. About 3 acres of the farm are currently in production and over 50% of the farm's energy needs are being met by renewables. We also host a self-serve organic food cooperative in a finished, heated area of the garage where members can make wholesale purchases of local and imported organic foods. The co-op (Nature's Farmacy Food Cooperative) also allows members to place orders, in bulk wholesale, from the United Natural Foods Inc. buying club. The farm operates with and caters to a "permaculture" type philosophy. We farm with minimal intervention, try to focus on food producing plants, and grow native species where practical. Those interested in permaculture can purchase American Persimmon trees, Pawpaw trees, Pinion pine trees, Blueberry bushes, Serviceberry bushes, and Aronia berry bushes.

Tom Rapini (440) 257-2673

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