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Growers Resources
Seasonal Jobs Program

New Farmer & Transition Resources

Farming for Profit and Sustainability Resource Manual, USDA

Growing Soybeans on CRP Land, Iowa State University, Delate

List of Alternative Crops & Enterprises for Small Farm Diversification, USDA
Farmers and farm advisors can use the lengthy compilation to identify alternative crops, unusual livestock, and innovative farming enterprises. In addition to the list, the site provides links to online documents, organizations, databases, and other websites that can help farmers assess and implement alternatives in their farming operations.

Making The Transition to Sustainable Farming, ATTRA

Ohio Family Farm Loan Guarantee Program
The primary purpose of the program is to guarantee a portion of a bank loan for those buying a farming operation of starting an agricultural enterprise.

The Organic Materials Review Institute
OMRI is a nonprofit organization created to benefit the organic community and the general public. Its primary mission is to publish and disseminate generic and specific (brand name) lists of materials allowed and prohibited for use in the production, processing, and handling of organic food and fiber. OMRI also conducts scientific research and education on the use of materials by the organic industry.

Organic Seed Sources, ATTRA

An Overview of Organic Crop Production, ATTRA

Potting Soils, ATTRA

Small Farm New Farm, Ohio State University

Soil Testing Services & Interpretation, ATTRA

Sources for Organic Fertilizers and Amendments, ATTRA

Organic Farming: Lampkin
This comprehensive book has been reviewed as "the only significant textbook in English that embraces both the methodology and philosophy of the organic system of farming." Published by Farming Press Books, Wharfedale Road, Ipswich IP1 4LG, United Kingdom. This book is also available through OEFFA.

Switching to a Sustainable System
This is a useful sustainable management primer for farmers who are considering conversion from conventional chemical agriculture to sustainable or organic farming systems. Copies are available from the Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society at RR 1 Box 73, Windsor, ND 58424.
updated 10/19/2005