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OEFFA Policy
Begin Farming
Growers Resources
Seasonal Jobs Program

Organic Farming in Ohio
Ohio's Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension Community

Agro-Ecosystems Management Program
The Agroeosystems Management Program (AMP) is an interdisciplinary program which fosters an ecological approach to agriculture. AMP focuses on whole systems at the farm, community and landscape levels and links social, biological and engineering sciences to provide a foundation for innovative processes and projects.

Innovative Farmers of Ohio
IFO is a non profit organization working to promote an agriculture which preserves and strenghtens the economic, social and environmental wel being of Ohio's farms, farm families, and rural communitites thorugh research, education, and community development. Provides assitance with funding and development of on farm research trials for farmers interested in ecological and econimical production.

Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
OEFFA is a grassroots coalition of food producers and consumers formed in 1979 to support and promote a healthful, ecological, accountable and permanent agriculture in Ohio and elsewhere.Provides Apprenticeship Programs, newsletters, tours, conferences, workshops, and professional development programs for farmers and agricultural professionals.

Ohio Farmers Union
The Farmers Union is a nonpartisan, grassroots, general farm organization representing more than 300,000 family farmers nationwide. Our members are farmers, rural residents, and consumers. We join to develop a comprehensive program for rural America and to do the things together that no individual can do alone.

Organic Food and Farm Education and Research Program
An interdisciplinary team of OSU Researchers and Farmers coordinating organic production and transition research on farm and on station. Various research projects focus on production of vegetable and grain crops, marketing, education, outreach, education.

OSU Agriculture Links
A directory of of OSU agricultural websites.

OSU Sustainable Agriculture Team
A collaborative group of University Research and Extension, Non Proft, and Farmer representatives working to develop sustainable farming resources and learning opportunitites for Ohio's farmers and agricultural professionals.

Sustainable Agriculture Directory of Expertise
SARE/SAN- Nationwide Directory of Resource People

Wilmington College Living Crop Museum
The purpose of the Living Crop Museum is to serve as a learning resource for Wilmington College Agriculture students. Students are able to observe the growth and development of each crop through the year.